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Date: 29 July, 2021 

After Success of 2 Money Monsoon Manifestation Groups, amazing feedback from participants where they received money from expected (but on hold, sort of stuck) source and few unexpected sources, opportunities coming their way, here is opportunity for you to join the 3rd Money Monsoon Group for 11 days and change your financial reality
Join Money Monsoon 3 starting on 29th July,21
Are you ready to choose abundance now?

Monsoon is a time of growth and change. Everything is lush green and abloom. Monsoon has the ability to turn deserted patches and hidden seeds below the earth into vivid grasslands. After months of searing summer heat, the monsoon is a welcome change and a celebration of life and new beginnings. Monsoons in India are the time to fall in love and be in love! 

This monsoon, let's work on our hidden power to attract and enjoy the money in our life, let it grow, make it come to us with love. This season, romance the money and let yourself soak in its downpour.

In these 11 days, we will understand our negative beliefs about money, some money attracting exercises and tricks to break scarcity mindset, attract abundance and opportunities to grow our money; Be it recovery of stuck money, creation of new revenue streams, discovering fortune or cracking big business deals, getting better job offers, indirect revenue opportunities - this may open you to get money from sources beyond imagination.

We will be connecting on video every day at 9.30pm (optional to join the call) to improve our relationship with MONEY AND PROSPERITY.

Would you like money to work for you rather than you working for money? Who is choosing financial prosperity?   

EE- 11 Days Money Monsoon: Rs. 1499 
Or 11 Days of Money Monsoon + 10 days of Followup Daily Affirmations Rs 1999

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Date: TBA    

40 Days Online Program + 20 Days Post Program Support


* Reconnect with your Inner Strength

* Create your Own Magic

* Experience Inner Peace

* Feel Self-love

* Better Relationships

* Achieve Higher Levels of Confidence

All of us go through various experiences in our life; some good and some that leave us bitter and unhappy. These negative experiences stay with us for many many years and start affecting our beliefs (about self & world), our emotions and out thoughts. This negativity disconnects us from our miracle making skills. We start moving away from happiness and become more worried and apprehensive about everything in our Universe.


This program will help you to overcome all those negative programming of your subconscious and Reconnect with the positive flame within you.

But why 40 days? Because our mind needs at least 21-90 days to make permanent changes. So 40 days give us time to PERMANENTLY break these Subconscious Resistance & Barriers & keep making miracles in our daily life.

TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes/ day as per your convenience


METHODOLOGY: Everyday exercises released on the website each day, with multiple online sessions spread over the 40 days on Zoom.


·        A task/ Exercise will be shared every night. This task needs to be done next day

·        Few exercises will come as Audio & few with Videos

·        Group message or comment support will be available in case you have any doubt or query related to the task

·        Once a week Telephonic call with every individual to understand the progress or Zoom Call

.        2 Online live meditations

·        20 Days of support/ guidance will be provided after the program to ensure best results

More coming soon...