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*Online Therapy*

When i decided to take your counseling, I was very confused regarding my personal life decisions. I also had some problems from my childhood that I wanted to get rid of. You bonded with me very easily and helped me through. Now I am really happy with my decisions and my childhood problems are also solved.

Thank you so much

Mansi Vyawahare; March 2021

*Online Therapy*

I am very thankful to you for bringing me out of the worst phase of my life. I was not able to sleep for weeks, she helped me with her sessions and meditations. She helped me to quit my sleeping pills. If I am back to normal again that's because of ma'am. 


Thank You

Ritika Gupta; March 2021

Our Reconnect program started on 26th April 2020. That time, I was feeling insecure due to the Lock-down situation. Health wise, Job wise, Finances wise, I was feeling less confident. I will like to know what changed with you and within you in these days. When the program started, the gratitude exercise made me realize, how much I am blessed. The Thank you exercise made me feel, I have so many people around me, to be thankful for. This helped me gain my confidence.

How was your overall experience?
The overall experience was as the name suggests, connecting with inner self. The Gratitude Meditation also helped me gain insights about myself. I became more peaceful. I received the spiritual guidance.

What you liked the most?
I am most excited with the Pendulum exercise. I have read about Dowsing. I thought these are special pendulums and needs to be trained. But the Pendulum made by me also answered my many questions. The Mirror Work connected me with the inner child.
My cute Magic Rock is a kind of soul mate now. It is always nearby. Other interesting thing is the requests to Universe. And surprisingly, Universe responded. This is strengthening feeling that Universe is listening and responding. The requests are answered. My creativity in collage making, enjoyed the process.

What was most difficult? But then how that difficult thing helped?
I have struggled to expect the darker side of me. Its not easy to accept own flaws, mistakes, and errors. I gave deep thought about it. Trying to address it. At least, I have realized, I am also grey shade person. To select appropriate affirmations, was little difficult. As all affirmations, I was feeling, Yes this is perfect. But I shortlisted few of them. Thank you, Rachana for the support and guidance. She answered all my doubts, queries and made this journey easier and richer. This 1 month has changed me completely. It shifted me from complaining mode to gratitude mode. It changed my perspective to view things in a positive manner. The most difficult part was to forgive myself for my mistakes, my fear but now I think I have overcome that and thus I am more confident for my career. It helped me to forgive people also and even not to think much about unnecessary things.  


It changed my perspective regarding money, relationships and built confidence in myself.
Overall it brought great change in my behavior, my viewpoint of looking things positively.

*My experience with Manifestation Program *

Before this program, it never occurred to me how much time I used to spend thinking about the things in the past. I couldn’t let go of things which bothered me over all these years. It was difficult to find positivity in life. Now I made a habit to find and cherish the positive part of my life and situation. And to be truthful, I am getting positive results from universe. Like for instance, I got a call for a job interview in one of the good companies. I was looking for a  job change for past 2-3 years. But it happened when I changed my own outlook towards the world. I know it will take time to complete this mind alteration but I am on right path to do so. I will keep on doing this exercise and follow path to happy life.

Thank you so much 😊😊

July 2020

*My experience with RECONNECT Manifestation Program *

 Before this program, it never occurred to me how much time I used to spend thinking about the things in the past. I couldn’t let go of things which bothered me over all these years. It was difficult to find positivity in life. Now I made a habit to find and cherish the positive part of my life and situation. And to be truthful, I am getting positive results from universe. Like for instance, I got a call for a job interview in one of the good companies. I was looking for a  job change for past 2-3 years. But it happened when I changed my own outlook towards the world. I know it will take time to complete this mind alteration but I am on right path to do so. I will keep on doing this exercise and follow path to happy life.

Thank you so much 😊😊

 Shailendra K; June 2020



I joined Reconnect Program started on 26th April, 2020. This 1 month has changed me completely. It shifted me from complaining mode to gratitude mode. It changed my perspective to view things in a positive manner. The most difficult part was to forgive myself for my mistakes, my fear but now I think I have overcome that and thus I am more confident for my career. It helped me to forgive people also and even not to think much about unnecessary things. It changed my perspective regarding money, relationships and built confidence in myself. Overall, it brought great change in my behavior, my viewpoint of looking things positively.


R.A. ; June 2020

I went into it to solve one main thing- My relationship with my father. I had no idea what to expect once my family constellation begun, but as it moved forward i was able to get completely into it and connect deeply with everyone else there. It felt like everyone involved during my constellation was working towards one goal- Of helping me heal and move on. Once it was over, I had a much clearer perspective of my father and began to view him in a new light. Since then, my relationship with him has improved tremendously. We enjoy and include each other in fun family activities, and the tension that used to be there before has vanished.


Ishaan S S ; Jan, 2020


Attending the Family Constellation Workshop was a completely new experience for me and also, the best experience! Initially I had issues regarding my relationships and health issues which were both related to each other. When I expressed these issues to Ma’am, she advised me to attend the workshop and just feel the change and experience the positive shift. Then, obviously I went for it and to my surprise, the next day itself my relationship issues were solved and that was really unbelievable for me! On the other hand, my health seemed to improve a lot, the issues I had, slowly began to disappear, my academic performance also had a boost and my relationship with my father improved significantly, as I kept a track of all the positive things happening to me for a month after the workshop and yes, I really have a positive outlook towards life now.All thanks to Rachna ma’am


Prathamesh; Feb,2019

I attended the Family Constellation with Rachna. I represented in few constellations. I was always picked as the mother. In real life also, I totally connect the strongest with that role!!! I'm experiencing certain changes. Subtle ones right now. E.g.- I'm facing my fears instead of brushing them aside. Also, been able to let go better. The first constellation, where I was the mother and I had to let the daughter go and be happy with her husband, was bang in for me!!! I had been facing this issue with my daughter; Letting her go. I felt very possessive of her. My daughter is in a serious relationship, But I had acceptance issues. After the constellation, I’m feeling ‘safer’ when I let her go now and my daughter also noticed that.

S.A.; Jan,19

Hi Rachna! After doing the Family Constellation Workshop (Constellation was setup for Health Issues), the next day I fell sick and I was feeling very weak. I figured it was what you had said: that the health gets aggravated after addressing it in the family constellation. But the day after that I just happened to go to the gym because my friend who is a personal trainer urged me to exercise (it was totally unplanned). I feel healthier and stronger and I was led to exercise which seems so magical! In spite of being sore the next day, I recovered within a day by doing yoga. I feel really motivated to be healthy and fit now, and I don’t feel like my body is holding me back anymore. In fact, I feel like it is supporting me. I no longer have cravings for unhealthy food either! Thank you!

Tania; Jan,19

Respected Ma'am, a myth it is that hypnotherapy isn't good and causes problems. I too used to believe in it sometimes back but for me it was the last thing I could try to pull myself out of the situation I was in Heartbreak, no friends, family issues, self-doubts, confusion, addiction, lack of confidence, never ending mind chatting, every negative feeling. You just name it and I had it all. I even went to 3-4 psychiatrists as well but it made no sense to me. One day after realizing that I have had enough I thought of giving it (hypnotherapy) a try.

       I recently heard from a friend that she had a problem of stammering which she overcame with hypnotherapy. It just motivated me to make the move. Hypnotherapy is all about guiding someone while he's in deep relaxation state. After my first session from Rachna Maam, I felt quite calm and confident, released from a burden. Then came into picture the Family Constellation Workshop and trust me it may look like "okay what's so different in it" at first but once you experience it, you become a fan of this program. Today, after 2 session of hypnotherapy and just 1 session of Family Constellation Workshop, I am over every negative feeling I used to have. It feels so great to be myself now and know my true being. I don't fear for anything now coz I do look at situation or people without any spectacles of my perception which was there since so long.

                                                                                          If you are going through any such situation or relevant to it, make sure you visit a Hypnotherapist first before going to a Psychiatrist (later you might not need to go) and coz my experience with Rachna mam's sessions is just amazing. I would recommend you to count on her before anyone.

Thank you sooo much ma'am for your help. 🙏😊

Amit Pareek; Jan,19

Respected Ma'am, I am very thankful to you for supporting me. I came to meet you regarding my problem. You heard that very patiently with smile on face. You did something and now I am feeling very energetic and fresh. Now I am recovering from that phase very well. You did something fantastic that now feeling confident and release all the negativity and developing positivity within me.


S. Asgekar; Nov,18

Rachna Madam, I am very thankful to you for supporting me in very bad patch of my life. I still remember the day when I came to meet with so huge list of problems and very silently you heard my all problems with a very nice smile on face. After going through your whole therapy, I felt very confident and motivated to achieve my goals. And within a year, my life took a swing and I got the admission at BHU, Varanasi for Ph.D. Your programme is not only for self-improvement and being self-confident but also an important tool for developing positive energy.

Once again, I thank you for your kind support.

Amrut Khaire, April,2018



First of all, I would like to thank Rachna for the soothing and amazing experience I had with her therapy. I went to her for Past Life Regression. I visited Mind Miracle as I was very curious to find answers regarding my relationships with my own people. Initially I was not sure about how this therapy will work, also I was kind of nervous. Assumed that I will completely lose control over my own self. Rachna explained me about how the therapy will be but I was still confused until I had my first session. Now, I can say it’s more like deep guided meditation which helps in relaxing our whole body and our mind is complete at peace.
                                      In my second session, I visualized few facts which helped me to get answers for my most of the questions. All I can say, these sessions helped me clear all my blockages. I feel very calm, light and relaxed after these sessions. My relationship with my loved ones is now much more beautiful, I have moved into a phase of acceptance which has made my life easy.

Big Thank you Rachna, you helped me changing the view of seeing life .

Apurva, April,2018



I was going through a really tough time in my life. I was totally shattered. Then my parent suggested me for hypnotherapy. In the beginning I hesitated but still I agreed to meet Rachna. But then after one session I realised this was what I actually needed. Rachna worked so well with me that I myself experienced the changes in me. It helped me to get back to what I actually was, my real self. I can’t thank you enough. But what you did for me means a lot to me. Thank you so much.


Monali Gulve; March 2018

I am a student of engineering. I was in a difficult situation where I was unable to concentrate or remember what I studied. Due to this problem I have scored less in my exams, it was difficult for me handle this stress. There were other personal emotional problems also which was affecting me. Rachna Mam has helped me to come out of this phase. The exercises she has given me has helped me to increase my memory and concentration level which has turned into better results in exam.   
                      The other stress has also been reduced and I got strength to manage the problems better, I am thankful to her


Jhuma C. : Feb,2018



It's been quite an adventure, Rachna ma'am has helped me discover my inner capabilities and face all challenges courageously. She's helped me in my transformation process. It started off with me being extremely scared of facing the CA exams and ending up with me clearing both groups of IPCC. Well I am a CA final student now and Rachna ma'am has greatly helped me in all these achievements. With her guidance at every stage and her generosity she's helped become the person that I am today. I have truly bonded with her and she's more like a friend to me. She's helped me gain my confidence and self-esteem. She's a wonderful person and has always empathized and helped me overcome my weaknesses and convert them into my strengths.

Oh! It's been one of the most amazing journeys😊

Arya; 30 Jan, 2018



I am on depression medication for almost 11 years. But only after 2 sessions with Rachna, I am feeling much stronger and happy. I am not thinking and worrying about every small thing. I am feeling much relaxed. I am feeling much more secure and confident. I am feeling lighter from within; very calm. My thoughts have slowed down and after so many months, I am without anxiety.
                                I come from Ahmednagar to Pune for therapy and its really worth it. I didn’t believe it when Rachna told me at the beginning of therapy that I will be in much happier state of mind in 4-5 sessions. I am very excited about next session and I am very sure that I will be completely out of my Anxiety and Depression in next 2-3 session as explained by Rachna.


S.K.: January,2018

I am a student and from my school days I wanted to be a doctor but couldn't clear medical entrance exam. I took drop for 4 years but couldn't clear. This took me in great depression. I forgot to enjoy my life. Nothing was wrong except my exam but I was not happy even after 4 yrs of this and felt great depression. On my first session, I was confused whether it will work or not, but the nature of Rachna maam was so great that made me feel it will surely work. And really, after 3 sessions I felt little bit relaxed, confident and happy. But I thought it may not last but after 3 months I found myself very confident and feeling that I am enjoying every second of my life.
                        Thank you so much ma'am for this great positive change. You are a lifesaver for me. I am grateful for the positive environment you provided me.

Rimjhim; January,2018

I am student and currently studying in third year of B.Tech. I was in a serious relationship with a girl from last 3 and half years. We were in long distance relationship since last two years. And because it was my first love, I was very serious about it and I had many dreams for our future. Recently we had breakup and It was a complete disaster for me. At time of break up she blamed me for everything even when I never broke her trust. I knew that I was not wrong but getting humiliated by a close person was too bad. But I wanted to recover from the situation. So, I tried my best but I failed.

I wanted to leave the feelings behind but each time I tried, I hurt myself even more. I was not sure what was happening to me. Due to this incident, I was not able to trust any person even my close friends. I was feeling really alone even when there were friends around me. Sleepless nights, bad dreams, lack of self-confidence, trust issues, negativity ...all was happening to me at same time. Sometimes I was so depressed that I was thinking to commit suicide. I never wanted these things. I wanted to move on but I didn't know what was happening. When I came to know about Rachna mam, I visited her website and read the reviews. I discussed with her on WhatsApp and decided to go Pune and visit her. In first session, we discussed many things that was happening and bothering me. She understood my case and focussed on relaxation.

After the session, I was still having that feelings but I was feeling better. And after so many days I got full sleep on that night. She insisted me to come on next day for another session. The second session was completely MIRACLE for me. Because after the session I was feeling like I am not the man that I was before. I was so happy and my smile was back after so many days. I wanted to jump, I wanted to shout. I don't know what was happening to me. My memories were there, some vanished but any memory was not bothering me anymore. I was not feeling good or bad about my past. I was just feeling a guy who had left his past behind and only focusing on his career right now. After the session, I was full of positive energy. Then she told me some exercises that I should do on regular basis. I am about 99% cured. Sometimes I get some worse feelings but I follow exercises and it happens just for some time.

I am very thankful to you Rachna mam. You always called me 'baccha ' during the treatment. You treated me like a parent, understood me like a friend and you showed me how to look towards life in other ways. I highly recommend Rachna mam for such problems. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.

Pratik; September,2017


I am glad to know Rachna Mam & would like to share my story. I was suffering from both mental & physical health problems. Let’s start with physical one first. I had chronic sinusitis which was very big problem for me in day to day life. It used to cause severe headache, facial pain across nose, around eyes & obvious in sinuses. So, I always used to stay tired & weak for last 4 to 5 years. I didn’t take my BE (E&TC) exams over & over again because of pain, even though I was good at study. So, I failed in many subjects. I lost my 2 years of engineering. I started avoiding people. My friends became less. I was like "what’s happening to me?" I was stressed out. As a result, I became mentally weak. Then I started to live with fear, social anxiety, low confidence & depression. Even I was facing difficulty in doing my study. I became more & weaker mentally & physically.

I had been to many doctors for physical as well as mental illness. But many treatments failed. Some helped me but up to certain level. Then I came across Rachna mam when I had lost all hopes. Rachna mam is an excellent clinical hypnotherapist & life coach. When I met her she told me that, "root cause of my problems may be present physical & mental stress or it may be the childhood trauma which must be cleared." Then she suggested me some sessions. Before each session Rachna mam takes time to explain every procedure, she is doing. She was very supportive & thorough when explaining the process before each session. I have done 5 sessions. I did all exercises given by her after each session. Then I got to know that it’s really working.

I had been to many other doctors/ therapist with same or related profession but they didn’t help me as Rachna mam. She took my sessions one to one keeping in mind seriousness of my condition than common session. So that every session worked on my personnel deep level issues from childhood. Rachna mam teaches right & proper techniques which if used regularly we get amazed with the results.

Now, I am improving my physical & mental health day by day. I'm sure that I'll definitely get completely cured. I also learned how to use these techniques in every area of our life. Rachna mam is a professional & has a naturally kind personality. I would recommend Rachna Murdeshwar to everyone. She is the best Hypnotherapist & Life coach I have ever had...!!!


Thank you very much...!!! RACHNA MAM...!!!

Akash, August,2017

I came across Rachna mam, when I had lost almost all hopes of achieving my goals after visiting many healers and life coaches. Though my earlier experiences helped me, but they barely touched the root cause of my issues. I had all the plans to improve my lifestyle but never got around taking action towards it, and even if I did, it didn't last, hence I was leading a life full of frustration and moving towards depression. She has literally brought "magic" in my life...I saw changes in myself within 2 weeks. I couldn't believe how much letting go of the trash in my mind can help so much. For years I have been an insomniac, just as the night falls. I would get so anxious about all the stuff I was supposed to do and but then I procrastinated and eventually I would lose my sleep too and my tasks never got done properly and because of lack of sleep the next day started late and the circle just kept on going.

I could write a lot more about every single change I have experienced within couple of weeks...in brief, I was much more peaceful, procrastinated less and anxiety levels got so down! Added benefit of my organized self was my improved eating habits and reaching office on time 😊

Letting go of my anger is actual helping with my weight loss too. I can't thank Rachna mam enough. She is so straightforward and the way she empowers to take control of our own life by following exercises rather than forever being dependent on her has really touched my heart. You have literally changed my life after years of my struggle to improve the quality of my life!

Thank you so much

Anu K.: August,2017

This is my second testimony/thank you note. Words are very short to appreciate your commitment towards client.

Now I can find calmness and peace in me which is already there. I was lost in my anxiety and wasn't able to see the beautiful world around me. Thank you so much for your assistance and unconditional support. I really appreciate the way you help and care for your clients. You are the right person to be approached for all the issues those come up in life. I wholeheartedly thank you and owe a lot to the help and support you been to me.

Gangadhar: August,2017

There is so much to write for Rachna. I was looking for a friend, philosopher and guide and that is what I got. Thank you Rachna for actually being an "ANGEL" in my life. I remember the first time I came to you I said I want to do a PLR (Past Life regression). I had so many things to say and you just patiently heard me out. You said lets first look at the current situation and see if there is a solution rather than directly diving into a PLR. The first session allowed me to be aware of my own " MIND" the exercises you mentioned made me realise my own power. That was the best part... you guided me to go back home and practice the exercises. This made me think before I came back for the follow- up sessions. These were spanned out beautifully with a gap of a week/10 days as this gave me time to practice the exercises. The best part was, you knew when I might have slipped somewhere :) so you kept in touch over phone and WhatsApp to know my progress. Rachna, you are a wonderful person, very approachable and having no Aires or flashiness which makes it easier to just keep talking to you. You are the first coach I have met who said " First do one session and see how you feel and we can decide if you need any more sessions". I feel very positive after the sessions and I know there is a lot of progress I have made since I met you, Rachna.

Thanks a lot for just being there. God bless you !!!
Lots of love

S.H.; June, 2017

Mind miracle perfectly does the job as per its name. If someone really wants to explore unlimited possibilities u are at right address. Ms Murdeshwar has magical touch and actually magic starts happening in life. I believe everyone shall try it because mental relaxation is a must and you can write your success story by experiencing it only.

A.S.: June,2017

I had been suffering emotionally for long time now 6-7 yrs. I had severe anxiety/depression/fear and emotional turbulence issues, it was only an anxiety problem initially which caused a series of problems in life for long time that affected my physical health, professional growth and relation with friends. I did take medication but it would only suppress anxiety and soon I realized it is not a permanent solution and I also tried meditation but maybe I couldn't do it properly hence didn’t get any results. I took hypnotherapy sessions before as well but they didn’t go well. I did music therapy, soul removal etc... everything went in vain.

Finally I took help of Rachna ma'am where I found a solution for my long-lasting suffering. she focuses more on solution part rather than wasting time to analyse problem, she understands issue to root and resolve it effectively. I took only 3 sessions and I see a tremendous change in my emotions, I am practicing and following the homework/exercises she gave just like a child. If you are in trouble emotionally then I would assure you 100% reach her. There is a definite solution for your problems. I had suffered enough that would be equal to 3 life times for a normal life.

This forum would be tooooooooooo small to thank her enough. Thanks ma'am. Hypnotherapy is a true/natural skill and 100% helpful if you are with the right person and Rachna ma'am is one among them. Don’t think twice just do it.

Gangadhar; May,2017

Mind miracle is a really a blessing in my life and Rachna is really like an angel for me.

I was really upset with how I was reacting to my life, I had forgotten when last time I was happy, I tried a lot many times but couldn't recall. Nothing was going right in my life, starting from my job to my personal life, my relationships. I asked everyone in my life to leave me alone as I was harming them too. My anger was all time high and at times it becomes violent too. I was feeling not loved. And this was killing me slowly. I was frustrated. I've tried psychologist but that didn't work. My wife was asking for taking medication which I didn't wanted. I was going through net and came across hypnosis, I thought let's try this or rather I was not having any other options. I searched for hypnotherapist is Pune and came across few. I don't know why I selected Rachna. May be some of the review touched me. I called her. And after I spoke to her I got confidence. Now there is a misconception that when we are hypnotized we are in others control. No we are very much in our self-control and I would say more than in control with respect to our normal state.

1st session: We did some basic things (as per Rachna). But I was filling lighter. She asked me to do practice which I did a bit. But again, after 3~4 days something happened I was all the same again (now I realize it was not all the same the intensity was less). I called Rachna and she asked me to come.

2nd session: The next session was good and tiring but I could remove many things which I never thought was disturbing me. Things were better after that I again tried to practice and did few times, I was say 50~60℅ better. After this session I was feeling good but after 2 days I was again upset, So I was thinking isn't this also working? But I discussed with Rachna, she listened and immediately send me a exercise which helped me (as it was not possible for me to go to her that time).

3rd session: Then again we met. I was 70~80℅ better but something was still there. Which was disturbing. I was confused if this is also going to happen like my physiologist session which I left as it was not working, but Rachna was confident and her confident gave me some confidences. She asked me few questions about how I was and How I was earlier, then I realized It has really done much better.

4th session: it went for 2 hrs.... But after that we both were smiling; I couldn't believe I was feeling so light. Lot of thing I never thought of came out of me. But I didn't want to confirm anything.

After coming home, I was Good, Day 1 I was good, I was waiting when those feeling will come back as I was sure it Will, but It didn't. Day 2, Day 3 Day 4 nothing. This was great and 1st time in last many years I was happy. It was magic it's really a miracle for me.

Few things I want to mention which I liked
1) Rachna knows very well what she is doing.
2) I was not judged
3) She is approachable
4) She really wants to help us you can feel it when you interact with her.
5) And last but not least there are lot of misconception about hypnosis don't believe those.

One more person whom I will not give thanks but without her these may not be possible, she is my better half who was always beside me. I am happy now, my family is happy Thank you Rachna.

Note from my wife: Rachana ma'am thanks a lot. You have bought back happiness in our life, Nothing can be better in my life.


S.M.; May,2017



Hello Rachana Ji, it has been an enriching experience working with you during our sessions. When I approached you for help, I had become an emotional wreck with a variety of negative psychological bearings on my mind which were affecting my personal as well as professional life adversely. You helped me release pent up emotions, old baggage and memories affecting me now...I didn't even know were affecting me. You directed me towards positive thinking. Our sessions have been of tremendous help in reducing my stress and anxiety and have put me back on the positive track. They will surely help me eliminate negativity completely and become a permanent positive thinker.

Thanks and Regards,

N. Sardesai.; May,2017

Hi Rachna, I'm really very grateful for your sessions with me. The learning's have been surprising as well as beneficial. I was really surprised to know that so many things just lie in our mind without our conscious knowledge and keep messing our present life. But I'm greatly thankful to you that you helped me remove all those things and I just felt so light and relieved. Especially the daily exercise routine you gave is helping me a lot. I feel more confident to face things, to hold my composure in chaos and most importantly I'm a more confident person now. I feel that now it’s easier to deal with things even if they are not as my expectations. Thank you so much!!! I would definitely recommend you to all my friends and relatives. Its a pleasure to know you.



Kranti. K; Feb,2017

I had two sessions. You listened to my history patiently and concluded that I have a tendency to keep old things preserved. It was a new learning and I tried to change from this habit. I think I am getting enough inputs required from your sessions. Still would like to meet and go further exploring, completely getting rid of some things which prevent me to do still better. I respect your work in this field and will like to learn more.
Thanks for all the help.

Nand Kishore; Jan,2017


I have benefited from Rachana's session. She helped me to solve my problems, how to handle situation. Also in case of negative situation her recording helps you to get out of negativity. I got solution for my problems after sessions. She is good hypnotherapist who will guide you through your problems to find out a nice solution.

Shweta; Jan,2017

Dear Rachna Mam, first of all let me thank you for helping me to come out of the negative mental status. After meeting you I really felt confident and I started thinking more positive way towards life. My purpose was meeting to you was quitting smoking on which I am working on as per your guidelines and its giving results as well. But apart from that I started feeling confident and positive approach in life in all activities and aspects. Started thinking about progress in personal and professional life and its working. Got the new direction in life and started doing many things which I left back long years through which I use to get happiness like painting and photography. Feeling better than my earlier worst situation. You are very soft spoken and a very good listener who first understand the root cause of the problem and then you act on it. This is a noble profession which helps the needy people who lose hope in life.

Dear brother and sisters, if you are facing any problem in your life for which you are not able to get the solution then please connect with Rachna Mam and make your life with full of confidence and happiness. Thanks

Warm Regards,

P. Waghmare ; Dec,2016

Hello Mam, first and foremost, I would like to thank you for helping me in identifying and dealing with my problems. I remember I had called you after getting your details on the Net. Our very first conversation gave me an assurance that, this is the person I should go to. We had a few sessions and I derived immense benefit in coping with my problems. I vividly remember each of these sessions, you were so very friendly, gentle and sensitive in your approach in helping me identify, understand and tackle the problems, especially in bringing the very deepest issues to the fore and suggesting a way to resolve each of them. Your advice and solutions have helped me in overcoming and resolving the deep-rooted causes that had resulted in fears and anxiety and were proving as obstacles in my day to day life. I am so grateful to you, I now find that, I am a more positive and confident person after my interactions with you. Thanks again.


R. Nene: Dec,2016

Hello Ma'am, I still remember the afternoon when I had desperately called you, had got your number from a website..I was in a very very bad shape. I did not know what was happening, I was sad, anxious and depressed. I was fighting depression and health anxiety and had lost my own self. When I met you, I felt so much better in the first session itself. It helped me regain my completely lost confidence. I remember calling you, sobbing and not knowing what to do & and then how you instantly helped me with your wonderful techniques. Those techniques still help me ma'am. Thanks to you I started becoming my older normal self and rather an improved version of myself. Your indeed were my greatest blessing during my darkest phase and I wouldn't hesitate for a second coming running to you if a need arises. Thank you so much Rachna ma'am for your warmth, patience and understanding.

Love you and God Bless❤

U.Mehta; Dec,16

Hi, I felt you understood my problem well and your manner is very warm and friendly. I felt very much at ease discussing my problem with you. I am still in the process of working on the exercises you gave me. My hurt and anger levels regarding my issue have decreased as compared to when I came to you. I definitely will recommend you to people I know who need to resolve their issues.

Thank you,

J. Garg; Dec,16

Thanks a lot for helping me. Your guided meditation and visualization session is really peaceful experience to have. It works. Thanks You.

Chetan: Nove,16

While approaching to Rachana; I wasn't aware on what to and how much to expect on behavioral changes front. I wasn’t even sure about which option to opt for, for the problems I was facing. It’s where she came to my help by and large. She has guided me thoroughly on my expectations and suggested an appropriate treatment to address my problems. On the treatment front, I certainly faced quite a substantial change in my attitude and approach towards day-to-day activities. And this, I have been notified by people with whom I am surrounded. It was a pleasant surprise for them to see a claimer, happier me. Having said that, I would suggest you make a note, that Rachana is a doctor and not a magician. The behavioral changes won’t happen until we put-in our efforts. These efforts are utterly necessary, as without these no changes would take place. It’s like any other doctor; if you’re not taking any medicines then the fever won’t go. All in all, if you’re ready to improve yourself then Rachana is your lighthouse.

Shardul.: Sept,16

Dear Rachna Mam, firstly I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me take one of the toughest decisions of my life. Thank you so much 😊

I met you when I was totally confused and stressed. However, your stress relief sessions helped me a lot to release my stress. They helped me to know my inner self and what I want from life. It helped me release all those things that were holding me back to take any decision regarding my marriage. You were the only one who thought that whatever were my conclusions about my experiences in 1 year of my marriage were correct. Your support n confidence that I can make a right decision truly helped me. My life has indeed taken a positive direction. I would definitely like to recommend you to anyone looking for your guidance n support.


Thanks once again!!

Prachi T., July,16

I was preparing for a tough competitive exam but could not concentrate or focus to my full strength. I was getting distracted every now and then which was so worrying to me. Then I attended a session with Rachna Ma'am. In that session Ma'am taught me the self-hypnosis and relaxation technique and I practiced it every day and still practicing it... The technique helped me a lot in improving my concentration and focus and now I'm feeling confident.

Thank you Ma'am.

Krishna C.S., June,16

Rachna has been an angel in disguise, my spot of light in my darkest hour. She has guided me to float past the miseries of life and enjoy the peacefulness in my own mind. She has helped me move on in life with a positive approach. When you go to her; empty your heart and and she will fill it with a positive light. 

Thanks Rachna

Anishaa; April,16

Thank you very much Rachna mam for guiding me through your knowledge & skills of hypnotism and past life regression therapy. It really brought change in my way of thinking and showed me the real me. I was too confused in my life regarding my reason for existence. Through past life regression therapy ,I was enlightened and I got my reason for my existence. Once it was cleared, my other issues were also started resolving. Indeed we inherit karma from our past life and we reap it in current life. And indeed a healthy mind has a health body. Now my way of looking life is changed and I love it how your perception could change your life. It helped in controlling anxiety, tension and other psychosomatic disorder like diabetes and other diseases.

Thank you very much.

Akash Jain: Feb,16

I had joined a Life Coaching Programme with Ma'm and I ended up having a buddy in my journey. Starting a task was never as fun, as creative yet as diligent before this. Life is all about achieving the right balance in every walk of life and Rachna Ma'm taught me just that. Most importantly she gave me techniques/ life tools to achieve it. Will be ever grateful for these life lessons.


Disha W; Jan,16

I attended a session with Rachna ma'am. I was physically stressed before my civil services exam and was experiencing severe body ache. The session really helped me de-stress. Ma'am also recommended some techniques which (if done daily) helped me profoundly.


Saket; Dec,15

I was going through a difficult phase in my career and personal life in New Zealand where I live. I didn't have a proper job for 6 months after I quit my existing job with a realisation of what I actually wanted in a job. I was getting lots of job interviews no problem, they would tell me how good I am and reject me. I was getting frustrated and hopeless when I remembered a good friend had mentioned about Rachna's work and suggested me to get in touch. I contacted Rachna and shared my experience with her, she arranged a time with me to skype and we had a few skype sessions since and I started writing down the affirmation she suggested. Within a week or two I was asked to come and have a look at a place and without even being formally interviewed I was offered a job. The pay wasn't great and that wasn't a priority for me it had everything I subconsciously wanted. A happy place, I immediately felt a sense of belonging with the place and people there. I have been working there for 6 months now and I have never been more satisfied in any job. Rachna had the patience and empathy to support me even with the time difference. She was prompt with her reply and very professional. Even today when I come across a hurdle on my path, Rachna is ready and more then willing to help. Thank you Rachna you have helped me believe that with positive thinking and a can do attitude you can achieve your most impossible goals.


Nima; October,2015

I came to Rachna at a point in my life when I was in a rut. I wasn’t moving forward in any area in my life. I was suffering from chronic depression and completing even small tasks daily had become a challenge. Rachna helped me remove a lot of blocks without me even realizing it. After only a few sessions, I have decided to make a career shift to a field that excites and stimulates me. I am much happier and more at peace. I owe much of that to Rachna who is more of a friend and confidant than a therapist to me. Thank you!


Amrita; May,2015

First of all I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I must say, the things I experienced and experiencing during & after the sessions are truly a miracle. The phase me and my family were going through was really very tough in all terms. For more than 2 years, I was facing failure in every effort (I almost put more than 500 efforts). But the moment I went through your sessions & treatment, I am succeeding in every effort I am taking at the moment. A ratio of the success is increasing day by day and it gives me a lot confident & positivity for my efforts. The only regret in my mind at the moment is I should have come to you much earlier. Again I and my family are very thankful to you for giving us an experience of internal peace and success. Thanks a lot.


Abhijeet; May, 2015

Internal fear, stress, daydreaming, short memory, absent minded, negativity, anxiety, etc. are big hurdles in our progress which ultimately result in our lack of confidence, low self-esteem and low performance. It is just our mind blockages which can be fixed. I am a well qualified guy but was suffering from mind blockages for longtime which had restricted my progress. I tried pranayama, meditation, yoga, diet and medicine, also visited Neurologist, Psychologist and so on but could not get success in it. Later on I came to know that it can be cured only through hypnotherapy. Then I contacted and talked to some of the best hypnotherapist of India and I preferred to get treatment from Mrs. Rachna Murdeshwar. She is one of the best Hypnotherapists. She has tremendous knowledge. I really liked her style of counseling and way of treatment. Most importantly she fixed my mind problem. Now I am very much confident and have developed very positive attitude toward the life and it is improving my relations also. So I would like to suggest everyone to meet Rachana madam at least once for any mind related problem and get treatment from her. It is really worth. Thank you very much Rachana mam to giving a positive turn to my life"!

S. Patil; May, 2015

Thanks Rachna Mam, I am grateful to you for taking me to my past life. It was a great experience as well as a learning curve for me. Understanding, experiencing and going through Past Life Therapy is definitely going to help me in future too.


Aniket K; April, 2015

The problem I faced was of emotional turmoil and repetitive thinking of a person and a situation, pushing me backwards and into the closet. Hence, this was the challenge for you to get me out of the closet which was very well looked into. After undergoing hypnotherapy session, I could somewhere become subtle and grounded. I felt somewhat relaxed. I would recommend your name, to someone who would be needing your help.

Ajinkya M ; Nov, 2014

I had a basic knowledge about hypnotherapy and past life regression but I did not know that it can be helpful to such an extent. After I met you, I was still skeptical if this will work on me. The first consultation helped me open up. The second consultation with past life regression helped me to understand the pain point inside my head and the session really helped me to go deep down and understand the reason for my dull behavior for the last couple of months. At least I found out what was bothering me and how I need to handle such situations as well as overcoming my challenges in much effective way. I will certainly recommend your work since it has helped me a lot.

Thanks again for your help!!!

Abhishek C; Nov, 2014

I was really confused about my career choice and wasn't happy with my current one. My self-confidence had tanked considerably and I had lost the zeal to do anything. Rachna helped me clear all problems with my parents and help me to let go of my fears. I am more confident now and I have opened up more to others. Rachna has also helped me learn to come out of my problems on my own with simple techniques and stay in the right frame of mind. She really understands and always has a patient ear. I would recommend her to anyone who is facing some issues and does not know where to go.

Mruganyani; September, 2014

Well I would say your sessions help me to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I will emphasize weaknesses because now its crystal clear for me where to focus and how to convert it into strength. Your exercises were pretty new for me and at the same time truly different. The first change after meeting you was the way of looking towards things. It helped me to cope up with my driving fear upto a certain level and slowly slowly I am making progress in that area. I will definitely recommend you to others because in this large but small world there are so many number of Shris who need your help.


Shri M; September,14

Rachna has clarity in the understanding the problems & its root cause, studies in advance to work out on solution. She has clear & honest attitude to help the person with 100% involvement. After meeting her, I feel there is solution to every mental behavioral problem. It helped me by increasing myself-confidence & the tendency to underestimate myself reduced. Sessions with her brought somewhat positive energy in myself. It changed my attitude to see the problem. Yes, definitely recommend consultancy of Rachna to one who would like to come out of anxiety.

Samir S; September,14

I was constantly performing bad in my academics due to my poor focus, concentration, recalling and my anger.....but after 3 sessions and one recording to listen at night has helped me a lot...in developing focus, memorizing, concentration and controlling my anger and this was possible only because of RACHANA mam I have started developing an interest towards studies, I feel more relaxed and confident after my studies than I used to feel before having those 3 sessions... in those 3 sessions I have got various easy and fun tricks to perform while sleeping no extra time is needed to perform them.....A BIG THANKS TO RACHNA MAM for helping me..


Purva H; Jan-2013

My life was miserable with breathlessness..Allergic asthma..Any dusty environment would trigger it..Climbing stairs ,walk travelling in bus had become impossible. I had started using the asthalin spray regularly. I took the therapy and took 2 sessions from Rachna and today i don’t need the spray ,I am no longer breathless. Please do not live with your problems, there are solutions. She is a healer and has helped me recover. I wish her all the very best and highly recommend her.

Sunil K; Jan-2013

I have quit smoking. It took just one session. I have been smoking for a long time..took a break and had again started...but this time with one session I stopped smoking altogether...1st day was a little difficult not impossible ...from second day i was a non smoker..do the session seriously with intention to quit..and you will quit..Highly recommended...do not blow your life away in smoke ..take her help and breathe fresh air!

Rahul M; Jan-2013

Before starting sessions, my brother had always negative thoughts; he didn't want to live life in a good way. also he had a vocal problem. After the sessions his personality is completely change. Now he looks any situation in a positive way. Now he is more confident than previous. Also he mingle with people. Rachna helped to us a lot to overcome his problems. She is a good friend as well as guide..Before starting the session she is really understand people problems & give solution permanently.

Asha B; Sep-2012

Rachna helped my 12 year old daughter to overcome her severe eczema problem by identifying the exact root cause without our help. Apoorva was bottling up a lot of anger within herself which led to her skin problems, but this issue has now been resolved to a great extent thanks to rachna‘s hypnotherapy sessions.

Archana D; Aug-2012

Rachna is my best friend. She helped me overcome some problems in a very easy and fun way.

Apoorva D; Aug-2012

With a sudden blow in the life, my life turned upside down. I was zapped and feeling lost and didn’t know where the life is heading? But I realized that I should take control of my life so decided to take help of Rachana. Rachana helped me to accept the situation and then get in the right frame of mind. The successive therapeutic sessions were useful in healing of inner hurts, manage my inner insecurity and fear. These sessions helped me to achieve mental clarity. I could connect with inner ME. I realized the real strength hidden in me. Now I have learned to manage my life wisely and feel much more confident. I, hereby, convey my heartfelt thanks to Rachana for the valuable help extended to me.

Manisha; 29-May-2012

I was in habit of biting nails, never understood why!!! But whenever I looked at other girls with longer nail,well manicured hands, with nice nail paint, I was very jealous but never could stop biting my nails. Rachna helped me get over my this bad habit. I realized that I was biting my nails whenever I was nervous. She helped me to release my nervousness. So today, I have beautiful hands with nice looking nails and I am much more confident, without any nervousness in any situation. Thanks to Rachna.....


Akshata; 10-May-2012

Rachna is a perfect example of how situations can be handled. She is a friend and guide.. Going out of her way to make one feel better...She puts you at ease and gives you the confidence to handle any situation.

Nazneen; 02-Apr-2012

Constant problems, hurdles and breakage in my career chart drove me to do regression therapy. Prior to starting my sessions, I exchanged emails with Rachna just to make her aware of my background. Rachna did what most of the people wouldn’t do¦ she spoke truth and suggested me the right therapy to exterminate the problem. I wasn’t expecting miracles from the therapy but things started taking shape and help/signs came in from the most unexpected source. My problem area got addressed but area which was not my primary concern also started healing in their own way. Eventually, I did regression out of curiosity and it was one hell of an experience (a journey unimaginable). And now, Rachna is a friend for life.

Amit, 16-Feb-2012

Seeking relief from extreme anxiety and depression was what led me to seek her out. I was more intent on seeking out the reason from a past life, but that didn't really work out. What helped a lot was her therapeutic approach of a posthypnotic suggestion to immediately arrest the onset of an attack. Subsequent sessions helped reinforce a visualization and self feedback for calm and releasing negativities. What i loved about the sessions was the DEEP physical relaxation, even better than in meditation. Awareness of the limbs just seem to gradually dissolve :). Extended sessions would be most enjoyable!

Narendra, 06-Feb-2012

Hi Rachana, You treated me wonderfully. I was very comfortable with you. You took me in my past life and my ailment (eczema) really cured. Thanks a lot

Sangeeta N, 06-Jan-2012



My 'Life between Lives' session was really an eye opener. It gave me an insight to the kind of life I am leading and the situations I face. Truly a wonderful experience.

Anand, 07-Sep-2011

Rachna ji is simply great person, she solves problems in particular ways those I like very much Nature Bless her & All the best for all...


Jaanhvi, 05-Sep-2011

Thanks Rachna I am grateful to you for taking me to past life and treating my aliments. I am not using pump for my breathing issues now. It was a good journey with you.

Shobna, 14-Feb-2011

Only couple of sessions has mesmerizing effect on me and my spouse. We strongly recommend the treatment to everybody with any ailment physical or emotional one.

Arun K, 12-Feb-2011

I am truly thrilled with the positive results after your therapy sessions and I feel it is my duty to give you detailed feedback

1) I had 5 corns on my left foot and 3 corns on my right foot before the treatment was started and all of them were extremely painful and I could hardly walk for 10 minutes at a stretch. But now, although only 3 corns have disappeared all others are not paining at all. I am also able to walk or stand comfortably for more than 30 minutes

2) If I have to quantify the pain level now
a) pain wise....................................................... 8 has become 1
b) Burning sensation ....................................... 9 has become 1
c) comfort level while standing/walking ...........9 has become 2
d) lower back pain ............................................8 has become 3

Your hypnotherapy sessions has done wonders for my confidence and I have actually stopped taking pain killers completely. We both earnestly hope and wish that your knowledge helps many more people to get well.


Asha K, 12-Feb-2011

Thanks Rachna Ji, Your therapy has really changed my life. I think it was last life‘s stigmas only which were creating hindrance in my professional growth. I owe my newly found success to you. I applied your suggestions on my kids as well and I can see a drastic change in them. Thanks and Regards.

Vivek M, 18-Jan-2011