• Ayushi Kalia

What is hypnotherapy and how safe is it?

A few months ago, I went in for my first session of hypnotherapy. I was super excited and yet, so nervous as I had never tried it before. I wasn’t even sure if I needed a therapy. I was just stressed and needed to talk to someone who would understand.

Trust me when I say, it took me a while to decide whether to opt for it. I LITERALLY read hundreds of articles and dig up the internet. In fact, I added it to one of the many topics I had to stress about (the ones for which I wanted therapy). Despite the multiple doubts I had about it, I thought why not just give it a shot, because I had tried some meditation before, and I knew it was something similar. So, I woke up to find a hypnotherapist near me and booked an appointment.

On my first visit, a very scared and excited me asked her, “Will I be able to control what I say or do after I am hypnotised?”

She smiled and replied, “If not, I would be a millionaire with all my clients’ bank details”.

We both laughed and that’s how I took my first step towards mental fitness. Little did I know, this was going to become my way of living. Now I can explain hypnotherapy as a positive addiction in my life. And guess what the best part is - over time I learned self-hypnosis, so I don’t have to visit a therapist for every little thing anymore. I can now manage my anger and handle my mood swings (unless I am super annoyed at someone, like the &%!@ everyone would get upset about).

Anyway, before signing up, I had many questions like - what is hypnotherapy? How different is it from the magical hypnosis? How effective is it and what all can it cure?

The hypnosis we see on the TV or YouTube (because we don’t get to watch many live magic shows anymore) is also called stage hypnosis. Although hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis are both the main categories of hypnosis, they are used for different purposes. Stage hypnosis as mostly seen, is performed on stage for entertainment. However, Hypnotherapists are specifically trained professionals who know how to help (amazing fact – My therapist does not always use a pendulum).

Hypnotherapy can be used for many different ailments including depression. The treatment helps achieve psychological goals like training your mind to quit smoking, managing your anger, gaining self-confidence and even handling anxiety or panic attacks. Unlike stage hypnosis that has temporary effects on people’s minds, hypnotherapy has long-term effects that tend to become your way of life.

Very less people (even fewer than those who know hypnosis is used for treatment) know that hypnotherapy can be used to relieve symptoms of asthma, allergies, infertility, and even help you manage weight gain.

Although I have used this therapy for multiple purposes in the last few months that include stress and anger management, controlling weight gain, and gaining self-confidence (yes, just a few days before I actually started writing publicly), my favourite so far has been the past life regression.

This was used on me by my therapist to cure recurring nightmares. Theoretically, this technique is said to be used to recover and face past life memories and fears.

Now, I am not an immensely religious person who would have believed in past lives and reincarnations. However, I do not wake up scared at nights anymore. I have not really been able to totally understand the regression concept, but I do believe that it has something to do with where your fears have originated from. Hence, proven successful for curing phobias and fears for this lifetime.

I recently got engaged. I have also, recently finished my post-graduation from a college in a foreign land. Having finished college, I was expecting to get into a job (like every graduate) and start learning to work (entering a new phase of life, on both personal and professional fronts). But there I was four months ago, stuck at home, frustrated, with nothing to do, and here I am now, still at home, but developing.

I could not visit my therapist face-to-face, and you all know why (2020 has not been very nice yet). However, I got hold of a wonderful mind training workshop she hosts. A new one beginning almost every ten days. She calls it “Reconnect”.

All I had to give in for the workshop was 30 minutes a day for 40 days (and of course, some money, LOL!).

I realised it is not a single session but a session of self-hypnosis you give yourself every day for a continuous period of forty days. So, if my math is correct, she gave me forty mind training hypnotherapy sessions, while sitting at home!

The rule for physical training applied here too. The longer you train, the better and more long lasting are the results. I recently finished the workshop. Neither am I just more confident in my professional life, I have started forgiving people more quickly and managing stressful situations at home. I see a holistic growth in me. So now I am engaged – YES. I am a post graduate – YES. Am I frustrated about being stuck at home? – NO. I learned to utilise my time in more productive ways and feel those positive vibes of awesomeness (if you know what I mean 😉). And obviously, you don’t have to make a decision solely based on my experience. So, here are some reviews coming straight from her clients.


If not the full course, do reach out to her for single sessions if you are feeling low. FEEL WONDERFUL AND CONFIDENT. The most the world needs right now is some good news. BRING BACK THE OLD AND AWESOME YOU! Reconnect with the world, and yourself. Everything in life has a first time. Make this your first for hypnotherapy. Get your ticket for the workshop and receive immediate confirmation. Seats fill fast. So, do it now!

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