Lights in the Dark


Find your light when in dark. Our perceptions are often is influenced by our beliefs and thoughts passed on to us by our parents & elders, thus influencing certain life decisions. This can sometimes cause unrest, unhappiness and friction. Hypnotherapy helps us to understand our beliefs and change the negativity to positivity. Relieve yourself of emotional issues that include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety & Panic attacks

  • Stress

  • Insomnia and inhibitions

  • Negative Thinking & Self-Doubts

  • OCD (Obsessive compulsive behaviors & Compulsive tendencies)

  • Grief and loss, etc.



Also known as visualization or guided imagery, the session makes you enter a safe space. Guiding you to use senses like sounds, smells, sights and textures, it helps relax. Experience Hypnotherapy with Rachna.

This is very helpful specifically for beginners who have recently entered the world of meditation. It provides support of a trustworthy and experienced teacher. Explaining the meditation technique best for you, you will be taught the how and why of meditation and become proficient at it.

Sat on the Rocks


In today’s challenging and competitive environment, working executives are spending more time at their workplaces than at home. Undoubtedly the stress at work is growing and it has clear reasons since the responsibility at workplace comes with deliverables such as:

  • Targets

  • Dead Lines

  • Competition

  • Performance expectations & challenges

  • Expectation from self


All these also cause a lack of focus and concentration, loss of interest and appetite, mood swings which further impact the performance. Improve your emotional quotient. Become better at managing stress at work. Create a work life balance for a happier life. 



Give yourself a break from those pills. Hypnotherapy enables one to reach the subconscious mind and lead to focused relaxation. Since some physical issues relate to stress and other psychological factors, they can be cured with Hypnotherapy. Understand and manage physical issues like:


  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Blood pressure

  • Diabetes, etc.


Some people have experienced hypnotherapy cure other unexplained Physical Issues as well. 



When unsure about the future, Future Life Progression helps you set life goals and acts as a motivator to make the necessary life changes to secure the future you want. It is very useful if you want to know the consequences of various choices that are available to you now.

It can help you choose your own destiny, overcome blocks, and speed up future success via positivity and planning. You can investigate in great detail, the ideas that will bring greater success. You can have a much greater idea of what or who you might want to let go of from your life. Often just the awareness of the good things to come can accelerate their arrival.

Student Writing


Relieve your child from different pressures and social expectations that can lead to anxiety, panic and depression, thus, resulting in low self esteem and fear of failure finally affecting overall  performance.

Hypnotherapy can help students in different ways, like:

  • Help increase confidence,

  • Help increase self esteem, 

  • Memory Enhancement, &

  • Better Concentration.

Your child is provided with:

  • Personalised Attention

  • Journal with exercise schedule

  • Simple Take Away Exercise sheets to complete at home

  • Recorded visualization exercises wherever required

  • Step by step instructions on reaching goals and follow up exercises.

Past Life Icon.jpg


Taking you to your previous lives, and opening doors in your mind to the worlds that were yours in another time, another space. The regression helps open the memory files which are normally hidden in the subconscious mind. Thus, helping address present day issues like phobias, recurring nightmares and many physical discomforts such as Migraines, Asthma, Unexplained pains, many psychological issues.

Worth undergoing even if you think that it is only a fantasy, as it helps deal with the root causes of many issues, thus leading to healing and many times overcoming it.



At times, a stage comes in life, when you start feeling “Why me? All of us choose our life plan even before we come on this planet earth. Through this session, it is possible for you to reach the time between your past life and present life where you get in touch with your ‘Masters/ Elders/ Evolved Souls’ to get the answers of your questions.  You will understand the contracts you made with others on your path of learning in your present life.

It will help you to view and understand why you chose the life you are living now, why people around you are behaving in a particular manner. You get a chance to discover the purpose of your present life. These sessions are highly enlightening and uplifting for spiritual growth.

Children Playing Outdoor


Hypnotherapy for children with anxiety related to allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis.

Hypnosis can be used both primarily and adjunctively to other therapies (psychotherapies and pharmacotherapy) to treat anxiety disorders and related issues. Clinical experience reveals that hypnotherapy can be cost-effective and have fewer side effects than other treatment methods. There are specific reasons to assume that hypnosis would be valuable in the treatment of various child psychiatric and physiological conditions, but it seems to be particularly valuable in anxiety disorders and trauma-related conditions. Read more.